Dear AFROBEAT Fans, it is important to understand the difference between Fela’s Afrobeat and the adulterated version making waves called “AFROBEATS”. For those who do not know, the music that Fela played was the product of a new consciousness and struggle fomenting among Black people all over the world, it is the music of the wretched of the earth, music of children born under racism, oppression, colonialism, fascism, neocolonialism military and civil rules. Fela’s music is the music of school dropouts without a hope in hell of employment or of pulling themselves up the ladder (in a society where a certificate has more merit than natural skills), his music is that of maids and houseboys who earn less than 15 Dollars a month and of the millions without income who refuse to die quietly. This is not the message from “Afrobeats” artistes, remember Fela said: “ music is not for entertainment, my music is to spread a message”.