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FELA SPEAKS The year 2010 saw the extraordinary explosion of the brand name FELA with the re-issue of his life’s work and the media success of the musical from Broadway to a London theatre. With (...)
Article published on 20 July 2022
Fela Radio Shrine! Gan! Gan! FINDING FELA? The search for the phenomenon Fela Anikulapo-Kuti can start from his legacy, the film BLACK PRESIDENT produced and personally financed by the afrobeat (...)
Article published on 19 July 2022
Fela Radio Shrine ! Gan ! Gan ! TROUVER FELA ? La recherche du phénomène Fela Anikulapo-Kuti peut partir de son héritage, le film BLACK PRESIDENT produit et personnellement financé par l’icône de (...)
Article mis en ligne le 19 juillet 2022
In the song “LADY” Fela criticised the use of White Western values and standards of feminine beauty in Africa. However to his detractors songs such as this are interpreted as anti-feminist or (...)
Article published on 19 July 2022
Dans la chanson "LADY", Fela a critiqué l’utilisation des valeurs occidentales blanches et des normes de beauté féminine en Afrique. Cependant, pour ses détracteurs, des chansons comme celle-ci sont (...)
Article mis en ligne le 19 juillet 2022